Sheriff: Be careful on the road as deer begin to move

Ontario County Sheriff Philip C. Povero reminds motorists that the likelihood of having a car-deer collision more than doubles during the months of October, November and December.

Povero says as the deer breeding season begins that remaining observant is important.

According to insurance companies, the average car-deer collision in 2016 resulted in an average claim of $3,995.

In Ontario County, the 911 Center processed 1,339 calls for car-deer crashes in 2016. The most active periods of day, according to the Sheriff are early-morning and early-evening.

If you see one deer, Povero says to remain alert as others are likely to be present.

He notes that motorcyclists need to show even more caution and take advantage of all safety gear.

He says to remain focused, always scanning ahead for hazards — including animals.

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