Harmful algal bloom warning signs may come to Owasco Lake next year

Julie Lockhart volunteers with the Owasco Watershed Lake Association, scouting the shoreline of Owasco Lake for harmful algal blooms. On Sept. 18, one of the worst blooms so far this year hugged the shore of Emerson Park, and Lockhart said it floated out into the water as far as her eyes could see.

The lime-green goo didn’t keep a little boy from wading into the water, tracking his remote control boat, she said. It didn’t keep a pair of kayakers from skimming atop the surface, and it didn’t keep a couple of young women and their children from preparing to wade into Owasco Lake.

“They didn’t see it,” Lockhart said at a Save Owasco Now! meeting Monday night. “They didn’t know what it was. There’s no signage. There’s no warnings.”

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