Bloomfield kids learning engineering, the fun way

Mix a bunch of kids, tools and craft supplies with some basic ideas and you’ve got a recipe for creativity.

Bloomfield Elementary School — like many around the area and country — has a dedicated space for its students to make things, and they love it — students and teachers alike.

Commonly known as a makerspace, it is an area set aside within the school where kids can gather to create things from scratch, using a vast assortment of materials from pipe cleaners to cardboard and Styrofoam with craft staples like glue, markers and scissors.

On a recent visit, a group of fifth-graders were working on a variety of projects, some in groups, others in pairs and a few individually.

At one table, Ruairi and Terrance were building a tabletop pinball machine out of cardboard with creatively crafted flippers of wooden craft sticks, little cups for bumpers and a piece of laminate to cover the playing field.

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