Owasco Lake harmful algal toxins aren’t gone yet

The weather is getting cooler, but Owasco Lake is not out of the woods yet when it comes to harmful algal blooms.

Latest test results from the Cayuga County Health Department continue to show microcystin, a liver toxin released by harmful algae, in the raw lake water entering the city of Auburn's and town of Owasco's treatment plants. The drinking water, however, has remained free of toxins and is safe to consume.

The latest samples posted to the department's website were taken on Wednesday, Oct. 18. Results show microcystin was detected in the raw lake water of Auburn at 0.39 micrograms per liter and 0.17 for the town of Owasco. Samples from Monday, Oct. 16, show toxins were detected at 0.27 micrograms per liter in the raw water at Auburn and 0.28 micrograms per liter at Owasco.

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