Yates County budget to be reviewed next week

Yates County Legislators are getting their first look at the proposed 2018 budget, which will be the subject of two days of workshops next Tuesday and Wednesday.

Treasurer Winona Flynn, who is also the county’s budget officer, circulated a memo outlining specific areas Oct. 16. She says the proposed spending plan meets the budget guideline issued by the legislature to stay within the property tax cap of $489,116 or 3.05 percent, which results in a flat tax rate of $6.53 per $1,000 of assessed value.

Flynn says an increase in the value of taxable property in the county combined with what she calls a “modest” tax levy increase of $343,440 keeps the tax rate at this year’s level.

While proposed spending is increasing 2.89 percent to $42.8 million, the plan calls for the use of $311,616 more in reserves to help offset those costs.

Areas of notable changes include:

‒ Debt: The county’s debt payments will be reduced by over $216,000,

‒ Roads: An increase of $715,299 or 13.97 percent in the roads budget is related to increased employee training, repairs to Loomis Road bridge, and additional paving of 0.4 miles of roads.

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