How responsive are elected leaders in the Finger Lakes?

John Strachan is a newcomer to Canandaigua.

He and his wife recently moved to the town to enjoy retirement close to family. Soon afterward he joined the Daily Messenger’s Editorial Board as a community member, and with two things in mind — environmental concerns over the health of the Finger Lakes and wondering how responsive lawmakers are to constituents — he performed a social experiment.

Strachan mailed a letter to 18 elected officials who represent all or part of the region, from Canandaigua City Council reps on up to the president. The letter raised concerns about the safety of our lakes and drinking water and asked how the elected leaders proposed to protect our environmental assets. Strachan then waited for responses.

The response rate was far from 100 percent, which he says he didn’t expect. But 22 percent? Yes, Strachan received responses from just four of the 18 elected leaders he had contacted.

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