Canandaigua police, fire may add new positions in 2018

The proposed city budget for 2018 has been presented.

Now come the discussions to craft a spending plan for approval, which is expected to be voted on in December.

The $14,455,242 spending plan as presented Wednesday night to City Council represents a 5.6 percent spending increase, or $766,442, from the current budget of $13,688,800.

According to City Manager John Goodwin, 60 percent of that increase is attributed to expenditures related to the city’s solar array, but that array also is anticipated to bring in $60,000 in revenue for 2018 while covering 94 percent of the city’s facilities use.

“It looks like a 5.6 percent increase, but it really is not,” Goodwin said.

The budget as presented shows a tax levy increase of $93,479 from the current year’s $4,955,321, which is a 1.89 percent increase and matches the full amount allowed under the state property tax cap.

The proposed increase would mean a 1.6 percent tax rate decrease to $6.926 per $1,000 of assessed value from the current tax rate. The average assessed value for a single-family homeowner increased from $160,000 this year to $166,000 next year.

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