CHARTER CHANGES: Voters approve term modifications in Canandaigua

Changes are coming in Canandaigua.

Voters approved several changes to the City’s Charter. The changes were on the ballot in three separate components, which voters had the opportunity to vote on individually.

The first created four-year, staggered terms for all offices in the city. That included the mayor, city council and city supervisor.

The second bumped city supervisor terms from two-years to four-years.

The third-and-last, included clerical changes.

The biggest concern, according to the 11-person Charter Review Commission, was to create a “staggering” of terms, which would eliminate the threat of having a completely inexperienced council. The lengthening of terms, according to City Manager John Goodwin in a statement to the Messenger Post, provides additional continuity for city government.

The vote broke down roughly the same for all of the charter changes, which broke down like this:

Increasing term lengths, and staggering terms of City Council and City Mayor: 1,590 said yes; while 484 said no.

Increasing term lengths for city supervisors: 1,568 said yes; and 488 said no.

Other changes to the charter: 1,515 said yes; while 499 said no.

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