Feds indict 16 Broome, Cortland residents on meth-related charges

Federal indictments were unsealed Wednesday in Binghamton against 16 defendants after authorities targeted alleged meth producers in two counties.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the defendants stand accused of possessing the chemical pseudoephedrine, an over-the-counter drug, knowing it would be used to unlawfully manufacture methamphetamine.

After three rounds of initial appearances Wednesday afternoon at U.S. District Court in Binghamton, the U.S. Marshals took the following defendants into custody.

From Broome County: Vestal residents Warren J. Zeilman, 56, Lisa K. Zeilman, 52; Johnson City residents William J. Richards, 39, Kurtis H. Richards, 20; Whitney Point residents Troy D. Clark, 40, Charles A. McNeilly, 50, Donald W. Moshier, 39; Lisle resident Corey R. Mangan, 30; Glen Aubrey resident Mervin R. Clark, 63, Lindy S. Clark, 34.

From Cortland County: Cortland residents Timothy Duff, 38, Tyler Brobeck, 27, Alysia M. Brobeck, 27, Pamela Lackner, 48; and Truxton residents Samantha B. Albanese, 32, James E. Duff, 39.

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