Rochester Rhinos cancel 2018 season after missing goal

The Rochester Rhinos’ 2018 season will not happen after the team missed its financial goals, officials announced Thursday.

Earlier this month, Rhinos leaders announced the team would need to raise $1.3 million to make the 2018 season happen. Thursday was the deadline to raise that money, but in a statement, the team announced it would take a one-year hiatus.

The team hoped to raise the funds with ticket sales, sponsorships and a cut of the Hotel Occupancy Tax. But, the city and county made it clear last week they wouldn’t divert any funds from the hotel tax to Capelli Sports Stadium — where the Rhinos play.

In the statement Thursday the Rhinos owner said, “We will continue to work diligently with supporters, the regional business community and government leaders to solidify a foundation for sustained success, including placing Capelli Sport Stadium on equal footing with other facilities in Monroe County and the City of Rochester.”

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