Does Upstate NY climate make us cranky? Maybe a little, new study suggests

A new study suggests that growing up in a warm climate makes people a little more agreeable and emotionally stable.

By implication, it means that people raised in cold climates (read: Upstate New York) might be a little more cranky and neurotic.

The study, in the journal Nature, found that in both China and the United States, people who spent their childhoods in warm climates scored higher on some positive personality traits than those who grew up in colder climates. Those raised in areas where the average annual temperature was about 72 degrees – as warm as Tucson, Arizona – scored higher on traits like agreeableness, emotional stability and openness to experiences. (New York state's average temperature is 55 degrees.)

Researchers said people who live in warm climates might get outside more to explore, making them more extroverted and open to experience.

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