Department of Labor wants servers to share their tips

When you tip a server at a restaurant, you expect that money will go to them, but the U.S. Department of Labor is proposing a change to the way restaurant workers are paid. It would allow tip pooling and the proposal is creating some controversy.

The Labor Department said in a statement that the rule contributes to pay disparities between servers and other staff, like cooks and dishwashers. If the department of labor changes the rules, it would allow tip pooling. Tip pooling is when you turn all your tips into the boss and the boss would control the way the tips are distributed throughout the staff.

This would allow traditionally non-tipped workers like dishwashers and cooks to earn tips too.

Tip pooling became illegal in 2011 during the Obama Administration. Right now, if you earn it, you keep it and you don’t have to share.

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