Auburn police: Be aware of your deliveries

The Auburn Police Department is cautioning the public about package deliveries and unlawful solicitors after a theft in the city of Auburn on Dec. 4.

Auburn Police Chief Shawn Butler said a package was taken from 21 Lafayette Place by a heavier set black male wearing a lanyard around his neck. The individual, Butler said, appeared to be going door-to-door with a clipboard in hand.

“The best guess was the opportunity was there with the package on the porch, and nobody had to answer the door,” Butler said. “So probably, most likely, it was the right time and right place, and the subject decided to take the package.”

Butler reminded the public that solicitors need a permit from the city manager’s office to approach people door-to-door. He did not know of any granted soliciting permits at this time. If there’s any questions on someone soliciting, Butler said, the public should not hesitate to call the police.

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