Perfect score nets state grant for public health in Yates

The NYSDOH General Public Health Work program includes a statewide performance-based incentive program that allows the NYS Commissioner of Health to establish statewide performance standards for delivery of core public health services and to provide additional funding referred to as incentive awards to local health departments that meet or exceed statewide performance standards.

For 2016-2017 NYSDOH chose to focus on communicable disease investigation and chronic disease prevention and to link the activities to accreditation readiness and standards.

Yates County excelled in both focus areas. In the spring of 2017 an award of $12,000 was received as a result of demonstrating 100 percent timeliness and completeness in communicable disease investigations.

In late 2017, Yates County Public Health was recognized as the only county to receive a perfect score in the Chronic Disease focus. As a result, Yates County will receive an award of $30,500 to be used in 2018 towards efforts at Chronic Disease.

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