Model now regrets controversial ads for Skaneateles Furs, which is closing soon

The model who posed for a controversial billboard and ads in 2008 for the soon-to-close Skaneateles Furs store said she now regrets her decision to model for the business.

Melissa Hornung Devrient, 50, who’s now living in Lexington, Ky., and who is visiting in Skaneateles this week, told NYup.com she’s now an “animal advocate” and initially didn’t quite understand the source of the fur coats she was modeling.

“I thought they were vintage furs that were being recycled,” she said, not realizing the clothing she was promoting came from factory fur farms, which she vehemently opposes.

Hornung Devrient said that the factory fur industry is cruel and offensive, causing the needless suffering of animals for human vanity.

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