Study says Yates County is financially healthy

A healthy mind and a healthy body are important, but a healthy wallet is too. According to a recent study, Yates County is one of the healthiest places in New York.

SmartAsset, a New York financial technology company, recently released a study on the most financially healthy places in the U.S. The study analyzed debt, bankruptcy, poverty and unemployment in counties across the country to find where residents were most financially healthy.

Yates County is ranked 5th in New York State behind Saratoga, Ontario, Putnam, and Nassau, and 175th in the nation. The study determined the following statistics for Yates County:

‒ Debt as percent of income: 0.80

‒ Bankruptcies: 0.44

‒ Poverty Rate: 13.60 percent

Unemployment Rate: 4.40 percent

Financial Health Index: 84.79

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