Earth-friendly goals target bags, food waste statewide and locally

Cutting food waste and throw-away bags, along with tighter protections for land and water, are top priorities this year for a statewide organization focused on the environment. The New York League of Conservation Voters and its NYLCV education fund announced a 2018 agenda complete with 50 policies to pursue.

Topping the list are some issues getting attention in the Finger Lakes region. They include reducing food waste and eliminating use of single-use plastic bags that end up in the landfill.

“With environmental policy stalled at the federal level, we will continue to lean on state and local governments to fill the leadership void,” stated NYLCV President Marcia Bystryn. The NYLCV is a non-partisan organization that takes what it calls a “pragmatic approach to fighting for clean water, healthy air, renewable energy, and open space.” The NYLCV uses political action to fight climate change, conserve land and water, and protect public health.

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