WINTER RETURNS: Brief ‘thaw’ will be ended by extreme cold, possible storm this weekend

Three days of above-normal temperatures.

Those are words that many in the Finger Lakes have been waiting for, and looking forward to after the recent cold snap, which lasted more than two weeks. FLX Weather Meteorologist Drew Montreuil says that it’s going to be an incredible active stretch of weather, filled with multiple storm systems, above-normal temperatures, and the possibility of various precipitations — complicating the forecast even more.

Here’s what we know:

– Temperatures will range from the low-40s to the low-50s over the next three days, steadily increasing as each passes. It won’t feel like mid-winter. Instead, with high-temperatures pushing the 50 degree mark on both Thursday and Friday, it will feel more like early-spring.

– Storm system #1, which comes during the overnight hours on Thursday will bring rain. Montreuil says that it could be heavy at times, too. Rainfall amounts will range between one-half and three-quarters of an inch, with some localized areas seeing closer to an inch. The primary concern with flooding will be with ice jams on rivers as waters rise and the ice breaks up, according to Montreuil.

– Storm system #2 will bring a strong cold front, which will send temperatures tumbling from the 50s down into the 20s by morning. Temperatures will continue to fall, and high temperatures will once again fail to get out of the teens by early next week.

– Montreuil says that the cold front will only be part of the equation, though. An even stronger low pressure system will take shape, and with the temperatures expected to fall with the passage of the cold front — ice and snowfall are big concerns. Montreuil says first a period of freezing rain, which could result in significant ice accumulations could take place. Then, a period of heavy snow. A mix of the two is possible, as is a mostly ice or mostly snow event.

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