Bloomfield students reflect on life after visiting Dominican Republic

They brought running water to a small Dominican Republic mountain community, replaced dirt floors with concrete and interacted with locals, bringing home to Bloomfield a new perspective of their place in the world and how they can impact others.

Nineteen Bloomfield High School juniors and seniors who spent several days in the Caribbean nation, including five days of hard work to help others, are back to school, but reassessing their lives — appreciating their families more, and limiting phone and social media time.

The International Baccalaureate students — with advisors Felice Prindle and Keith Roll — left the day after Christmas, arriving at their destination late that night, partnering with ASCALA, a non-profit human rights organization.

The work began early the next morning, using pickaxes and shovels to dig up 700 meters of earth from the top of a steep hill to the bottom to lay sturdy plastic piping for a water line that would serve an area that had not had running water for several years.

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