What’s Up With That: Birders see red on Canandaigua Lake

Just about two weeks ago, they started turning up outside Betty Stahlbrodt’s front door — by the tens of hundreds, if not thousands.

Redheads, coots, mallards and perhaps a few other species of waterfowl have found comfort in great numbers on the west side of Canandaigua Lake, near West Lake School House Park where West Lake and Butler roads meet.

Looking like large smudges on the lake, these birds swim to and fro, like a synchronized swim team — a large one at that. Sometimes they form a line and swim south to north on this unfrozen section of the lake. One goes one way, the rest follow.

If you’ve seen flocks of starlings fly through the air, shifting direction on a dime as one, it’s kind of like that with this massive flock, only on the water.

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