Victim believed to be credible in past sex abuse conviction of Ithaca College President

Two weeks after the revelation of a past conviction of Misdemeanor Sexual Abuse of a patient by the President of Ithaca College Shirley Collado the campus remains quiet. That stands in sharp contrast to the passionate demonstrations more than two years ago when students did not like the way the previous IC President handled issues of diversity.

Faculty members say the good will built by President Collado during her first year on the job has helped retain support for her even as previously unreleased specific details were revealed of a Federal investigation into her actions.

Documents from the Superior Court of the District of Columbia show Shirley Collado signed her name to a plea of guilty in 2001. The U.S. Attorney noted in the spring of 2000 Collado committed the following crime. “She engaged in sexual contact with the victim. She touched the victim’s breast outside of the victim’s clothing with the back of her hand with the intent to gratify the sexual desire of the victim. ”

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