Simple Strategies to Protect Seneca Lake

NonPoint Source (NPS) pollution is the BIGGEST threat to Seneca Lake water. It is the result of human activity on land and the effects of water runoff when it rains. Humans have changed the landscape dramatically as land is cleared, driveways paved, and trees are removed to make way for grass lawns. The cumulative effects from such drastic changes to the landscape mean big changes to the health of the lake. This change of the natural environment to a suburban landscape, means the lake ecosystem can no longer function properly without our help.

Just as everyone is responsible for the changes in the native habitat that we now occupy, everyone can have a big impact on the quality of the lake water by helping to minimize runoff, eliminate pollutants, and capture and infiltrate runoff before water reaches the lake. Water runoff picks up pollutants and carries them to the lake.

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