Canandaigua man targeted by Facebook scam

You likely have a Facebook account. What if a friend sent you a private message telling you about a way to get thousands of dollars? It must be true – right? A friend wouldn’t defraud you.

Think again. One Canandaigua man learned that not every Facebook friend is really your friend.

Chris Hilarski is enjoying retirement after a decades-long career at Kodak. Many of his friends worked at Kodak too, including a man who reached out to him Friday on Facebook’s messenger app.

“He asked me – just wanted to know how I was doing, and I was so surprised. I got right back to him,” said Hilarski.

Kevin told him he’s happy because “God has answered my prayers.” He claimed he got a 90-thousand dollars federal grant from IMF and UNICEF.

“Why would they give you a $90,000r grant?” Hilarski asked incredulously. He says Kevin told him he could also apply by clicking on a link.

″’You’ll get a friendly knock on your door,” Hilarski remembers Kevin writing.

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