Ontario Sheriff: Busy month for law enforcement in month of January

Sheriff Philip C. Povero reports the following statistics for the the month of January 2018, from the divisions of the Ontario County Office of Sheriff:

The 9-1-1 Center processed a total of 14,081 events, including 7,050 events for the sheriff’s office and state police, 1,145 calls for emergency medical services, 395 calls for fire departments, 3,298 events for the Canandaigua PD and 2,193 events for the Geneva PD.

Of these calls 22 calls were requests for emergency services for reported overdoses.

A total of 509 car crashes were responded to during the month, including 48 crashes with injury, including one fatal injury, 170 property damage only crashes, 128 vehicles in ditches, eight rollover crashes, 29 hit & runs and 126 car-deer collisions. The OCSO K-9 unit reported 45 calls for service during the month, to include drug searches, tracks, presentations to the public and assists to other agencies. Deputies assigned to Eastview Mall responded to a total of 176 calls for service at the mall and reported four arrests. The civil office served 36 subpoenas, 33 summons, 14 warrants of eviction, 33 income executions and 15 order of protections. A total of 131 warrants were processed, including 73 new warrants received and 58 warrants executed. Of the new warrants received, 13 were executed on the same day they were received from a court. Current year to date execution rate for warrants is 79 percent.

Sheriff Investigator’s continue to process pistol permit applications, and report that this year, 40 pistol permit investigations have been completed.

Law enforcement personnel each attended 8 hours of in-service reality based training during the month. Deputies Timothy Brewer, Sam Colburn, John Eveland, Skyler Miller, Eric Schroo and John Storer IV completed two weeks of evidence technician training. The course entitled Police Crime Scene & Evidence Technician training was held at the Ontario County Training Center and was a NYS Department of Criminal Justice Service (DCJS) training course sponsored by the Finger Lakes Law Enforcement Academy. Deputy Miller also began full time patrol as Stop DWI officer during the month. This is a newly funded position, between this office and the Stop DWI Office.

A total of 168 inmates were booked into the county jail, including 126 males and 42 females. In addition, 59 people were booked at the jail and released to appear at a later date. Correction Officers drove 6979 miles during the month on transports. The annual jail safety and fire inspection was conducted at the jail also. In January 2017 the average daily number of jail inmates was 204. In January 2018, the average daily number of inmates was 153, a one year decrease of 25 percent.

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