Auburn City Council will vote to settle lawsuit over collection of contaminated oil

The city of Auburn is set to settle a civil lawsuit brought by a waste management company stemming from an incident that took place in the summer of 2009.

On Thursday, the Auburn City Council will vote to approve a $30,000 payment to Safety Kleen over contaminated oil the company collected from the city landfill.

In the past, residents were able to dispose of used motor oil at the landfill. However, the city did not have a system in place to test the oil that was disposed, nor did the city have a record keeping system to determine who used the service. The city relied on residents to “do the right thing” and not dispose of oil they knew was contaminated, Assistant Corporation Counsel Nate Garland said.

“Were there procedures set up by the city to catch that? Not so much,” he said. “That’s what caused the situation to happen, unfortunately.”

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