What’s Up With That: Answering the $1,935 question in Canandaigua

Either by the end of the month or early April, folks in the city will be receiving a survey intended to help City Hall gauge how well it’s doing and what can be improved upon in the future.

City Council gave the OK to spend $18,500 to allow National Citizens Survey to ask people all sorts of multiple choice questions on general topics and some local issues.

But members of City Council on March 1 approved another $1,935 — over and above the initial outlay — for one additional question. Although not worded specifically as of yet, this open-ended question will ask residents to offer their best ideas for improving the quality of life in the city.

Right now, officials are deciding whether to ask for one or two suggestions, but the intent is to get residents thinking — and writing in.

Everyone on City Council is backing the additional expense, including Mayor Ellen Polimeni, who supports the survey as a way to build on the city’s strategic planning and as a tool in helping to update its comprehensive plan, which is a process that will begin next year.

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