Study ranks Ontario, Yates high for health

Your zip code can be a good indicator of your health.

A new report from the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation breaks down health factors in nearly every county in the United States.

Yates County is ranked sixth of New York’s 62 counties for overall health outcomes, and Ontario County is ranked 12th. Monroe County is ranked number 35, and Wayne County is number 44. That rank is based on how long people live and how healthy people feel while alive.

Rankings varied on various factors that were studied as part of that overall analysis varied. Yates County ranked second and Ontario County seventh in “quality of life,” for instance, which was based on such factors of poor physical or mental health days and birthweight. (Wayne was number 48; Monroe, 50.)

Ontario County was about middle of the pack for clinical care (based on the percentage uninsured, ratio of physicians to residents, and percentage getting mammogram screening or diabetes monitioring, among other factors), at number 37, while Yates and Wayne ranked low at 57 and 59, respectively. (Monroe County ranked 19th.)

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