‘We’re the future’: CA students talk about being the change

Kennedy Knopf, a freshman at Canandaigua Academy, was flying south on Valentine’s Day, heading to Florida for a visit with her grandmother.

She said she checked the news and saw the big headlines — “School shooting, 17 victims” — and was not fazed. She said her initial thought was, “another school shooting.”

But something was different.

She later realized her grandmother lives on the same street, not far from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School where 14 students and three teachers were shot to death by a former student earlier that day.

“I didn’t realize how close it was,” Knopf said. “I knew that it was close, but I did not realize how close. The entire time I was there, my grandmother and I had the TV going. That’s all we watched. I knew as soon as I got down there that I wanted to do something and I was glad our school allows us to have a definite voice and opinion in what we do,” Knopf said.

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