PLANNING FORECAST: Springs stays away from FLX, but unsettled weather disappears

Don’t expect spring, but the region can celebrate the fact that snow is out of the forecast.

While parts of the region might see some snow showers around mid-week – a vast majority of the region will be snow-free. Temperatures will hover in the 30s throughout the week, with low temperatures sinking into the low-20s.

A system that has been making headlines in recent days, which would be the fourth major winter weather event in the last several weeks – is expected to stay well-south of the Finger Lakes – and then head out to sea – keeping moisture along the East Coast.

FLX Weather Meteorologist Drew Montreuil urged caution in a weekend update, pointing out that some uncertainty does remain. Most computer models running the forecast this week, he notes, are keeping the potential system away.

Check out the FingerLakes1.com Weather Center Planning Forecast powered by the National Weather Service below.

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