Town of Milo celebrates 200 years in Yates County

Two hundred years ago, the settlers of the west side of Seneca Lake and the east of Keuka Lake had grown beyond the simple needs of frontiersmen and women. Members of the Society of Universal Friends, their needs were now the needs of an organized community requiring its own government.

In 1818 the new Town of Milo was set off from Benton, comprising 36 square miles bordered by those two lakes and including all of the Keuka Lake Outlet at the time. The first town meeting was held Tuesday, April 7, 1818 at Nichols Corners, now called Milo Center, at the house of Isaac Nichols.

In honor of that history, the Milo Town Board has issued a proclamation designating April 7, 2018 as “a day of recognition and celebration.” In addition, rather than confining their recognition to that one day, Supervisor Leslie Church announced the board members will be researching and then presenting parts of Milo’s remarkable history at each of the remaining Town Board meetings throughout 2018 to keep such memories alive.

The Town of Milo has the largest population in Yates County at over 7,000 people and includes most of the village of Penn Yan in addition to smaller hamlets with their own identities.

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