Union Springs school district’s $1.84 million bus garage capital project up for May vote

While some may overlook the role buses play in education, Jarett Powers said, those vehicles still have to go somewhere at the end of the day.

Powers, the superintendent of Union Springs Central School District, said there are several codes and regulations for buses and student transportation that must be followed.

‘”People don’t always think about the buses,” Powers said. “Kids have to get to school, and buses have to be maintained, and you need to do that in a space that’s safe.”

The district board of education adopted a resolution on March 12 for a $1.4 million capital project to renovate the bus garage to go up for a public vote in May, according to the district’s website. The potential project would have an estimated cost not to exceed $1,484,018, with the project being paid for by pulling that exact sum from the 2017 capital reserve fund, subject to the building aid amount the district can receive from the state for the project.

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