Recommendations for Cayuga County water and sewer upgrades will be costly

Water is relatively cheap in Cayuga County. But that could soon change, at least incrementally, as local municipalities look at how best to upgrade their aging infrastructure and hook up to second sources for emergencies.

The Cayuga County Water and Sewer Authority is taking the first step, working with engineering firm Barton & Loguidice to assess some rural communities’ water and sewer systems. Engineer Gregory Mosure presented the latest information to municipal leaders Thursday at the Natural Resources Center on County House Road in Sennett.

The mapping project is paid for by a Local Government Efficiency grant with matching funds from Cayuga County. The authority is taking a close look at systems in Fair Haven, Cato, Meridian, Ira, Cayuga, Aurelius, Moravia, Aurora, Union Springs and Weedsport. The firm is also examining second sources of drinking water. More than half of Cayuga County gets its drinking water from Owasco Lake, and since 2016 when toxins from harmful algal blooms threatened that supply, local leaders have been considering what to do if they need a backup.

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