Weather taking a toll on the Maple Syrup Weekend

It’s a classic sign of spring in Western New York, the harvest, of Maple Syrup. But the weather needs to be just right to get the right amount of sap to come out of these trees and this year it’s been unusual.

Tom from Packard Farms in Macedon talked with Robert Speta of News10NBC today about how conditions this year, have not been great.

“We started out in February and in the middle of Presidents day week it was so warm that a lot of the microbes started to grow in the trees and we weren’t making a lot. Then March came around and we got real cold it’s been frozen for the last two weeks. Getting just about warm enough, but nothing to get really speak of for runs. ”

What is good for maple syrup production is diurnal or daily temperature changes with the highs in the 40′s and the lows in the mid-20′s to allow the sap in the tree to move around. This keeps that sugar to water content high but this year, it’s been low. It typically takes 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup this year its sixty to one.

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