Sennett and Weedsport reach water cost compromise

Sennett and Weedsport have negotiated a new water rate and water contract after disagreeing on a transmission-fee increase.

For the month of January, Weedsport received a water bill from the town of Sennett with an 18-percent increase to the transmission fee the village had been paying the town for the past 10 years, Feb. 14 meeting minutes indicate. The bill received indicated a new water rate of $3.67 per 100 cubic feet, which included a 22-percent transmission fee. Prior, Weedsport was paying Sennett $3.01 plus a 4-percent transmission fee which amounts to about $3.13 per 100 cubic feet.

On Feb. 14, Weedsport’s village board unanimously voted to continue to pay Sennett the $3.01 per 100 cubic feet rate plus the 4-percent transmission fee until all parties could agree on a new contract with Sennett.

During a public meeting held on Thursday, March 29 at Sennett’s town offices, both municipalities’ boards came together and were able to negotiate a new transmission fee and water rate.

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