Patience tried by trash near Hopewell stores

Plastic bags, crushed bottles, cardboard signs, receipts, plastic sheeting — trash of all sorts has been accumulating for weeks if not longer along Recreation Drive between the Walmart Supercenter and its neighboring Runnings of Canandaigua.

The eyesore has people mad and created a lot of chatter on Facebook. Some are blaming Walmart, some are saying don’t blame Walmart; some are saying people shouldn’t be trespassing to get involved, many are saying they will join others to do a cleanup themselves. People are also talking about other areas around Canandaigua in a similar situation. The back-and-forth had generated more than 80 comments by late Monday afternoon via the Canandaigua 2020 page.

Peter Blackwood, professional photographer in Canandaigua, said he first spoke to a junior manager at Walmart about the trash on Feb. 28, and his message was to be given to someone in charge. After no results, Blackwood said he talked to managers at both Walmart and Runnings on March 27. He had photos from the various dates and offered to share them, he said, as both stores expressed concern. Blackwood said he talked to a Runnings manager on April 4, as well, after being told it might be the responsibility of that business.

But this past weekend and again Monday, the trash was still there, with plenty of bags and other debris caught in weeds and packed around mounds of dirt and brush. Blackwood offered to show the site himself and talk about plans for cleanup.

Norm Teed, code enforcement officer for the town of Hopewell where the plazas are, said Monday he had not received any complaints about the trash. Teed said complaints can be made via the town website. After hearing of this, however, Teed said he planned to check out the area for any possible code violations.

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