Mental health evaluation requested for Ithaca man accused of having weapons stash

A pre-trial mental health evaluation has been requested for an Ithaca man that authorities say had a large stash of weapons and explosives in his apartment, according to court filings.

A motion filed Monday by prosecutors says Maximilien Reynolds has filed a Notice of Insanity Defense, indicating the defense team may rely on an insanity defense. For that reason, prosecutors are seeking a mental health evaluation "to determine whether or not he was insane at the time of the alleged offenses."

A response for the request is due by April 17.

Investigators in Ithaca said they were stunned by the stash of weapons and other supplies they found in Reynolds' home last month.

Police say officers investigating a tip of suspicious activity at the apartment on the 100 block of Dryden Road on March 7 found, "an unassembled AR-15 rifle, a gas mask, a homemade silencer, a myriad of ammunition to various firearms, pipes and other materials and equipment commonly utilized to assemble destructive devices, high-capacity rifle magazines, medical trauma supplies, a bulletproof vest, food rations, and fireworks."

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