Auburn police: Arrests and school, traffic incidents up as department faces vacancies

Auburn police officers reported an increase in arrests and activity last month, as they look to fill several vacancies in the department.

According to the APD’s monthly activity report, in March, officers received 490 more calls for service (3,574) and made 17 more arrests (81). The department also investigated 26 more school-related incidents (147) and 12 more missing persons complaints (21) as well as three more robberies (3), four more sex offenses (9) and five more domestic violence incidents (106) in the city.

In addition, the traffic division coordinated additional shifts for the “traffic car” throughout the month. Overall, officers issued 112 more parking tickets (1,061) and 27 more traffic tickets (161), many of which were part of the initiative.

In an email to The Citizen, Police Chief Shawn Butler said four officers were also injured last month; two officers suffered minor injuries while arresting subjects and two had to be treated for smoke inhalation during a structure fire at Kings and Queens apartments.

The Citizen:
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