‘You’re playing the system’: Auburn woman sent to prison for violating probation

When Jessica Allen pleaded guilty to four felonies in September 2016, she was able avoid prison. But on Thursday, after violating probation terms from that case, the Auburn woman learned she'll be spending time in a state correctional facility.

Allen, 26, of 169 Woodlawn Ave., had previously admitted to four crimes in Cayuga County. At the time, she confessed to second-degree forgery for using a friend's credit card without permission, first-degree aggravated driving while intoxicated for driving drunk with a 3-year-old passenger, and third-degree burglary and fourth-degree grand larceny for helping her brother steal a loaded rifle from an Owasco home.

Allen had faced several consecutive terms in prison, but Cayuga County Court Judge Thomas Leone ultimately sentenced her to five years probation and three months of weekends in Cayuga County Jail. And for a while, Probation Officer Michelle Taylor said, Allen was doing well. But in January, that changed.

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