Red Creek man charged with assault after stabbing at party

State Police were called to the report of a stabbing this week, which resulted in a Red Creek man being charged with assault.

According to police, a gathering took place at 6787 Main Street in Red Creek where a good amount of alcohol was consumed and an argument ensued. The argument spilled outside where it became physical. The incident unfolded on Tuesday around 8:48 p.m., according to police.

Nicholas Perry, 23, of Red Creek walked away after the fight and when he arrived at his residence, realized he had been stabbed in the abdomen. Perry was taken to Upstate Hospital in Syracuse where he was taken in for surgery. The knife had pierced his intestine. He remained in the hospital for observation until Thursday, according to police.

Kurtis Matteson, 26, of Red Creek allegedly pulled a knife on Perry. He admitted to police that during the fight he recalled pulling out the knife and that Perry was stabbed.

He also told police after the fight he threw the knife over the bridge and falls on Red Creek Pond. According to police, he fell short of actually admitting to the stabbing.

Matteson was charged with first-degree assault. The charge will be answered at a later date.

According to investigators, divers were unable to locate the knife that had reportedly been thrown into the turbulent waters.