Rite Aid in Auburn will close in June

The Rite Aid located at 47 E. Genesee St. in Auburn will close its doors in June.

The pharmacy was one of nearly 2,000 acquired by Walgreens in September 2017. The Rite Aid at 314 Genesee St. was also bought out. The two stores currently operate as Walgreens, though their signs still say Rite Aid.

The pharmacy at the 47 E. Genesee St. store will close on June 7. The rest of the store will remain open for about two more weeks for a final sale, Walgreens spokesperson Phil Caruso said in an email to The Citizen. Customers’ prescription records will be available at the Walgreens located at 150 Grant Ave.

“Through our review process, we did make a determination to close the (47 E. Genesee St.) store,” Caruso said, adding, “Closing stores is never an easy decision. Our goal is to ensure that we have the right number of stores in the right locations to continue to help us deliver the greatest value for our customers.”

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