Mayor of Clyde to seek support for 130th bid

After the unexpected announcement that Assemblyman Bob Oaks would not seek another term in the 130th District, Lyons Town Supervisor Brian Manktelow quickly announced his candidacy.

Now, Clyde Mayor Jerry Fremouw announced his intent to become a candidate.

In a post to Facebook, Mayor Fremouw described his interest in continuing the work of the district. “This is a short message to inform you that I am at this time Seeking the endorsement of the Wayne county Republican, Conservative, and Independent parties to be considered to run for the 130th Assembly District,” he said in a post to Facebook. They Mayor touted his experience leading the Village of Clyde for the last ten years, his work in Wayne County, and most-recently being named to the New York Conference of Mayors’ Executive Committee. “I have great knowledge that would support [my] decision,” he added.

“At this point nothing is definite, but I do believe the people of this district deserve choices and not pre-determined selections,” Fremouw continued. “My hope is that each committee in this county keeps an open mind and will let the choices be made through a primary where the peopel can choose who represents them.”

He thanked those who have called, and urged him to consider running. Fremouw also asked residents to voice their thoughts and opinions to those committee leaders.

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