Study says more kids are thinking about suicide

Shocking statistics show more kids are thinking about suicide and trying to hurt themselves.

A new study from the American Academy of Pediatrics found the number of kids hospitalized for thinking about or attempting suicide doubled in less than a decade. This comes as the controversial series 13 reasons why releases its second season on Netflix.

Without giving away any spoilers about the season, this time the writers added a Public Service Announcement to the beginning of the season warning anyone with suicidal thoughts not to watch or to watch with a trusted adult.

Most of the kids who are being increasingly admitted to the hospital for suicide attempts or suicidal thoughts are ages 15 to 17. Some of that group might be watching 13 reasons why.

The show talks about suicide, sexual assault and substance abuse in a high school environment. Critics of the show claim it glamorizes suicide. Doctor Eve Gotham at Rochester Regional Health says if your kids are watching, it’s a time to start asking them questions.

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