Real FBI SWAT team participates in FLCC active shooter drill

Shots rang out inside the Finger Lakes Community College main campus Monday in an active shooter drill that was eerily realistic.

The shots could even be heard outside where a few spectators also saw flashes of light, as if the firing weapon was real.

Immediately sirens went off and lights were flashing inside the building where only staff, law enforcement and emergency responders were allowed.

“You’ve got to help us,” screamed a bloody man running from the main entrance, one of several volunteer actors. “Somebody’s shooting. Somebody help. Help. Somebody. He’s got a gun. Somebody help us. Help. You’ve gotta help.”

Police and emergency responders from all over quickly converged on the scene, including an armored SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) unit from the Buffalo office of the FBI.

As a helicopter circled overhead, a drone was sent up to get an aerial view, later flying lower to peer inside the windows.

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