Canandaigua kids serving up cups of Joe at their own new shop

There’s a new spot in the Chosen Spot.

Nestled in the main atrium of Canandaigua Academy is a mobile coffee stand called The Bright Spot, run by students in the life skills program who also selected the name.

“The idea is that these students are working on skills that they’re going to need to use beyond the classroom, so when they’re done with school, they’re ready for employment,” explained special education teacher Christopher Rodriguez. “We discussed how we can give those students an opportunity to work with customers and develop employable skills.”

He said the whole purpose is to give the students a real-life experience of work, but within a safe setting where they could receive guidance as they developed their new skills.

“Boy, it smells good in here,” said school board member Beth Thomas during opening week as she greeted Superintendent Jamie Farr, who noted the inviting aroma drifts down the hall into the main office.

“You want a cup?” he asked.

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