New life for South Farmington Cemetery

Turns out there is life in the old rural South Farmington Cemetery site after all.

The South Farmington Cemetery Association has new members, according to Donna Herendeen, who with husband Ron Herendeen are trustees. She serves as town historian while he is on the Town Board.

And while in the beginning stages, a plan is being formed to save the chapel and by extension, the cemetery, which contains the graves of the town’s early settlers — including members of the Herendeen family. Cash flow is low, acknowledged Ron Herendeen, and space is limited.

“Our goal, the best we can, is to make it solvent,” he said. “Somehow, we’ve got to correct the cash flow and make this work for the community.”

The cemetery is filled with familiar names, besides the Herendeens. Payne, Goodnow, and Gerlach are just a few. A headstone for Sophronia Curtis notes she died in 1832 — at 30 years old. Some date back even further. John W. Gardner was born in 1779, dying 80 years later.

Yet, many of these final resting places are marked with fresh flowers and new-looking American flags that fly over the graves of the veterans.

And there are other signs of movement here.

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