Naples woman discovers secret sister through DNA match

Sandy Caswell would not have contacted Jackie Cochrane had she realized right off the bat this was her half-sister.

“My adopted life was fine,” said Caswell, 63, who lives in Dansville. But the information she received through genetic testing and analysis service 23andMe suggested a niece in Naples, and that was Cochrane.

“I figured niece was far enough off the chart that she wouldn’t be personally impacted by the pros and cons of me,” remarked Caswell, who grew up in the Rochester suburb of Greece.

Half-sister would have meant opening a door that perhaps shouldn’t be opened. But contacting a possible niece seemed harmless enough.

So she sent a text.

It was Friday evening, March 30, and Cochrane had just sat down at her computer after work. Intrigued by the message that popped up through her own contact with 23andMe, Cochrane gave Caswell her phone number and almost immediately got the call. For two hours they talked, swapped information, pored over documents and tried to make sense of it.

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