Auburn police investigating possibly poisoned hot dog found on pet owner’s lawn

The Auburn Police Department has opened an investigation after a woman found a possibly poisoned hot dog in her yard.

In a public Facebook post Wednesday evening, an Auburn resident posted pictures of what appeared to be a raw hot dog stuffed with rat poison pellets. She said the hot dog had been found on her neighbor’s lawn on Chedell Place, and her neighbor felt someone had been targeting her dog.

She also wrote that she had found a hot dog on her back porch stairs Tuesday morning. However, she said, she didn’t think to inspect it, assuming an animal had dragged it out of someone’s trash.

Following the post, she said a local police officer spotted the pictures on social media and the department immediately launched an investigation. Capt. Mark Schattinger confirmed that officers had visited the neighborhood Wednesday night and a case had been opened. So far, he said, it seemed to be an isolated incident.

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