Petitions challenged for Ontario County candidates

Two Republican candidates in Ontario County will know by 5 p.m. Monday whether their petitions will face scrutiny by the county Board of Elections.

It’s not likely the petitions for judge candidate Russ Kenyon and sheriff candidate Bob Green will get tossed — booting them off the primary ballot — as Kenyon and Green have many more voter signatures than the required 1,000 minimum. But their petitions will need inspection by BOE officials if specific objections are in by the Monday deadline, to determine if they pass muster.

“Everything is presumed to be valid if it isn’t challenged,” said county Board of Elections Republican Commissioner Mike Northrup. All the candidates submitted petitions with well over the required number of voter signatures. Unless a challenge leads to that number dropping below 1,000, the candidates will make the ballot.

Judge candidates Kenyon and Kitty Karle filed to be on Republican and Reform party lines in the Sept. 13 primary. Green and Silvio Palermo filed for the Republican primary for sheriff. Democrat Kevin Henderson will run on the November ballot in the sheriff race.

As far as the objections go, challenge to the Kenyon petition came from Kitty Karle’s sister, Kathy Karle. Objection to Green’s petition came from Ontario County resident Tim Eddinger.

Northrup said the most common objections typically center on duplicate signatures or signatures of voters who aren’t enrolled in the party of the candidate.

Kenyon in a statement called it “petty legal maneuvers in an attempt to have my name thrown off the ballot, and deprive the voters from having a choice this fall.”

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