Bicyclist stops in Canandaigua to raise awareness that ‘Youth Voices Matter’

The sight of ambulances and fire trucks near his home gave Zayoni what he called a bad feeling.

The Geneva teenager had reason to worry, as it turned out. He later found out his sister had died.

That was just the latest of traumas in his young life, as he related to a Road Recovery group recently at Canandaigua CrossFit.

“When I was younger, my mom got married to my stepdad,” he said, noting they were very close.

“One night he left,” Zayoni said, barely audible, leaning over with his head down. “He didn’t come back. He was shot and he died. When my mom told me, I just started crying a lot. After that, years later, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. She beat it and then she got MS (multiple sclerosis). As she got older and older, it got worse and now she’s in a wheelchair.”

After his sister died, he said he pushed back his emotions.

“I just had that feeling in my stomach a long time,” he said.

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