Soaking showers and thunderstorms bringing much needed rain to FLX

The National Weather Service says that scattered showers and thunderstorms this week will help ease some of the rainfall concerns that have persisted over the last several weeks.

The dry pattern that has locked itself over the Finger Lakes comes to an end this week with a daily threat for rainfall in some capacity. That rainfall will likely peak on Wednesday, with the best chance for widespread, soaking precipitation.

Some of the thunderstorms could even produce enough rainfall for there to be minor flash flooding concerns. This threat will be particularly significant over the southern tier where rainfall has already been plentiful throughout the last week.

An inch or more of rainfall is possible over the next several days for the entire region. That said, some areas will see decidedly more precipitation. The National Weather Service notes that things should calm down on Thursday, which looks like the driest day of the week. While Friday will bring showers back into the equation.

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